Wednesday, February 11, 2015


  1. the quality of being friendly, generous, and considerate.

I thought it would be appropriate to do the word on "kindness" this week as it is Random Acts of Kindness Week.

Now I look at this week and say as you probably do,

"Shouldn't we focus on being kind all the time, and not just this week?

And then I say:  "Self, it's just a good time to refocus on how we can be a little more kinder to others"

 And then I say:  "Okay"
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So how can I be just a little kinder.  Well lately, for me, it seems like I need to follow promptings.  I need to stop suppressing my generous thoughts ( quote by Camilla Kimball) There are times I get a thought in my head that I should do this, or a person pops into my head ( not the person, just the thought of the person;) to help or visit someone.  Simple, simple little things, but I'm constantly second guessing myself.

 Self:  You should say Hi this person on facebook" or or call them and so forth.  

 Self:  "I haven't talk to them forever, they'll think I'm weird...or they may not like me anymore, or I might say the wrong thing..."  And so it goes in that vicious cycle.

Lately , I have tried to do small little things that I think of, no matter what.    

Simple Simple example:  I was in the Target parking lot, walking in to the store, when I see some lady unloading her cart, and kiddos into the car.  The cart starts going AWOL.   Should I stop it?  I 'd have to go a little out of my way, and she might think I'm a weirdo (No, not that!).  Well, I put on my flimsy make-believe cape and stopped the cart and then put the cart away.  Guess what?  She was grateful AND how easy was it for me?  Why do I question?

Another example:  Last Saturday, Marc and I went up to Salt Lake with a group called Legacy Initiative, and handed out burritos, hygiene items and other items to the homeless population.  It was in the middle of the day, unlike our previous outreach (see "Outreach" post).  Although some people were obviously  in need and homeless,  others it was hard to know whether they needed help or not. 

 We asked.  We did not ask if they were homeless, but if they were hungry.   Perhaps some of the people we asked didn't need it, perhaps some were even a little offended.  However, to many of the ones we asked, we were able to help.

Self:  "Brenda, be kind"  
Self:  "But what if...."  
Self:  "Stop suppressing a generous thought!"  
Self:  "Okay". 

 I'm learning.

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