Thursday, November 24, 2016


adjectivebetter, best.

morally excellent; virtuous; righteous; pious:
a good man 2. satisfactory in quality, quantity, or degree a good teacher; good health. 3.of high quality; excellent.4. right; proper; fit:It is good that you are here. His credentials are good.5. well-behaved:a good child. 6.kind, beneficent, or friendly:to do a good deed. 7.honorable or worthy; in good standing:a good name.

My youngest child came to me the other day, upset by the events that happened at the high school. The story is here

Jaycie said, it's just too much for an 11- year old to handle. Honestly it's hard for me to handle. Yet this is what I told her. 

Good is what we expect. We expect to walk into school, or anyplace without being hurt. Good is normal.  Bad things are not normal. We are safe most of the time.

Why? Looking in the bible I found the answers.  In fact the word "good" is used 7 times in the first chapter of Genesis. The Creation. God describes his creations as "good" seven times. Good is what was created. The world is good because God created it as such.

Yes we live in a fallen world where bad things happen,but ultimately we know good will overcome all the bad stuff, because we are God's. 

I was so touched by the aftermath of the tragedy at Mountain View. Good won. . Dr. Chun, the principal shares some of the good. 

Mr. Rogers told us after a scary event, look for the helpers. Or look for the good. Good will always triumph over bad. 

Yesterday, my family saw good triumph over bad. We served dinner to the homeless in Salt Lake.

 Such a sad thing to know many of God's creations live in such a bad state. My heart aches for them. Yet as I dished up the food, I looked around. There was so much good. So many helpers.  I especially saw the good in the eyes of the homeless. We are all created for good.

Mother Teresa says, speaking of the downtrodden, "each of them is Jesus in disguise"

God is good. We are good because we are His.

A favorite from Chris Tomlin. Good Good Father. Lyrics here