Wednesday, November 12, 2014


  1. for the reason that; since.
    "we did it because we felt it our duty"

Why I am I so interested in the poor of humanity.  I asked myself that
question a few days ago. Why?  Well part of the "why" was explained in
my first post.  And that is true.   And yet there is another reason. I have 
always felt a desire to serve those less fortunate.  Yet in the past little 
while the desire has deepened.  

Why?  Because. 

Because a year ago I did not want to live.  A year ago I was living in
 torment that I thought would never end. I learned that Hell isn't a 
place, it is a state of mind that you cannot leave.However, fortunately
 for me, it went away. 

 Because I came out of that awful experience changed. Determined.  And
 ready to change the world.  At least the world around me.

Experiences can equal connections if you turn them around
Because when I was at my worst, I still had a home.  I still had a family.  I had friends who
 cared.  The thought of any human enduring any type of pain without those essentials, hurts
 my heart.  So I serve.  In very small ways, but I serve.


 Because I have been Given so much.