Wednesday, December 6, 2017


  • provide with light or lighting; illuminate

The church has started their #Light the World campaign this Christmas and I am excited to be a part of it so my hallway board is about #Light the world.

One thing I did do different this year as a family is I made a list.  

Each day, I went through ideas we could do to " Light the World" The reason for the list is that sometimes things can't happen on the very day of the suggestion. As a family, we still watch #Light the world video, discuss what we can  do and then either that day or sometime this month we will do our "lighting"

Some examples: 

Day 11 we plan to make hygiene kits for refugees. It may not happen only on December 11, but that's okay. Day 20 we are planning a service project at Community Action. We also plan to do Day 2 and give water to the food bank at Community Action. Some days I felt were not family projects and were more personal actions to do, so I just put "Personal" for those days.

This idea hopefully works for our family, it may not work for others. I am a list, planning kind of gal that functions better with things mapped out. If you are more the spontaneous type, you and your family may have better ways. 

I just wanted to share. 

Happy Lighting or Illuminating the World!

Wednesday, November 8, 2017




  • 1.the action or skill of reading written or printed matter silently or aloud:"suggestions for further reading"synonyms:perusalstudyscan, scanningbrowse

I am a 40+ year old that loves Picture books. I have my own collection that I treasure.  I spend a lot of my time reading children's books to others as well. I am not sure what is is in the written words that can generate so many emotions, but I believe it is somewhat magical.

I am part of an Initiative sponsored by United Way of Utah County. We take books to several elementary schools throughout the county. We read with the students and give them a free book so they are able to start their own libraries in their homes. (We are always looking for volunteers;) 

Recently, I started reading monthly to a resident home for Seniors. I found the opportunity on Just Serve.  I read children's books. The first time I went, I felt a little silly. Here I was reading picture books to grandmas and grandpas. Yet after the first day, I realized how much those words and my reading to them was beneficial. 

One sweet lady didn't speak, but as I was telling the story of Edward the Emu, her expressions were so fun to watch, I read with mocked trepidation as Edward wanted to be a snake instead of an Emu, and her face of shocked humor made it all worth it.  I listen a lot too. They like to tell me stories about their past, or family, yet even when I listen to them, they also request that I read to them. 

William Nicholson said:  “We read to know we're not alone”. I can't help but hope that my short visits of listening, reading and being there help with their loneliness. I know it helps me.

Wednesday, March 29, 2017


Broken - physically and forcibly separated into pieces or cracked or splitor legally or emotionally destroyed;

Marc and I attended a Kenneth Cope concert the other night. Favorite singer ever! He is probably in his 50's-I have been listening to him for 20 years- so doing the math...but he looks like he's maybe 30.

Anyway, it was great. I felt the Spirit and he played several of my favorite songs. One of my favorites is Broken. I have loved this song for a long time, and I especially love it now in my life. Not because I feel totally broken, but because I feel healed from brokenness.

I rejoice in the fact the demons aren't controlling my mind anymore. (I know there's a more scientific way to describe my severe OCD and depression, but that's how I felt it). I'm glad that although I'm still a little broken, I look forward to the Resurrection for that, I am healed enough to function, and  to live! I feel like I was given a new life and this new life makes me want to help others live as well. 

As I was recovering from my illness, I watched General Conference and cried. I blogged about it  here, but I knew from that Conference I needed to help others, not only because of Elder Holland's talk, but I have felt the importance serving all my life. 

My point is this: Being broken helps us serve. We are given trials in a large part because it gives us the tools to help others. More compassion, empathy, and understanding. Our "personal gethsemanes" are to succor in a small way  for others, the way Jesus succors all of us. He has suffered everything so that "that he may know according to the flesh how to succor his people according to their infirmities." Alma 7: 11,12. I love Him for that.  I will show my gratitude to Him as I serve and love His children.  I am grateful he loves broken me.

We are all broken. That's how the light gets in. Ernest Hemingway: Paul V. Johnson - April 2016 LDS General Conference #lds #ldsconf #quotes: Yes: